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Grand Final Weekend - Results

Grand Final weekend was definitely one to remember. Many astounding performances put the crowd on the edge of their seats. These Grand Finals had everything from tight finishes to shocking results. This weekend was a great way to end the regular rugby union season for 2017. 

Although the regular season is over, Rugby 7's in Townsville is about to be underway. Make sure you register a team today. For more information / how to nominate click on this link: http://www.tdru.com.au/rugby-7-s

Grand Final Results:

Under 10's:

Brothers Blue 45 (W Ross 4t, B McCarron 3t, N Barr 2t) def Brothers White 25 (H Keyes 3t, T Geeves 1t, F Drovandi 1t). 

Premiers - Brothers Blue:                                                                                                 Player of the Final - Beau McCarron:


Under 11's:

Brothers White 55 (M Waldon 3t, C Sadler 2t, J Morton 2t, N Weeks 1t, B McDougall 1t, S Keir 1t, M Beckham 1t, A Abrahams 1t) def Ross River 5 (I Cavuilati 1t).

Premiers - Brothers White:                                                                                              Player of the Final - Mitchel Waldon:


Under 12's:

Teachers West 15 (J Cavallo 2t, M Sullivan 1t) def Brothers 10 (J Bragg 2t).

Premiers - Teachers West:                                                                                               Player of the Final - Mitchell Sullivan:


Under 13's:

Western Suburbs 7 (T Roberts 1t, D Murtha 1c) def Brothers 5 (J Pierce 1t).

Premiers - Western Suburbs:                                                                                             Player of the Final - Thomas Roberts:


Under 14's:

Charters Towers 33 (K Mutton 3t, B Finger 1t, T Marshall 1t, M McKellar 4c) def Western Suburbs 5 (L Fox 1t).

Premiers - Charters Towers:                                                                                               Player of the Final - Gareth Mercy:


Under 15's:

Brothers 15 (L Moss 1t, H Keir 1t, J Heilbronn 1c 1p) def Burdekin 13 (N Fotinos 1t, JJ Gallego 1t, D Cox 1p).

Premiers - Brothers:                                                                                                           Player of the Final - Bink Mpofu:


Under 16's:

Brothers 24 (R Kinbacher 3t, T Lyons 1t 2c) def Teachers West 10 (K Tait 1t, J Thompson 1c 1p).

Premiers - Brothers:                                                                                                        Player of the Final - Ryan Kinbacher:


Under 17's:

Brothers 33 (B Jones 2t, D Conn 1t, H Keen 1t, B Faulks 1t, D Maguire 4c) def Grammar 15.

Premiers - Brothers:                                                                                                          Player of the Final - Jamie Lessells:



Brothers 31 (H Byles 1t, J Douglas 1t, S Power 1t, S Roberts 1t, G Carsten 1t 3c) def Teachers West 7 (M Wilson 1t, J Steel 1c).

Premiers - Brothers:                                                                                                        Player of the Final - Emma Johnston:


3rd Grade:

Brothers 19’s: 31 (D Anderson 2t, M Fraser 1t, D Rush 1t, B Bulley 1t, M Rauch 3c) def Teachers West 19’s: 19 (B Bowring 1t 2c, M Kepper-Owens 1t, C McMahon 1t).

Premiers - Brothers:                                                                                                            Player of the Final - Matt Fraser:


2nd Grade:

Teachers West 27 (P Brennan 1t, G Harry 1t, T Foley 1t, J Scattini 3c 2p) def Brothers 7.  

Premiers - Teachers West:                                                                                                      Player of the Final - Tom Foley:


1st Grade:

Teachers West 24 (A McClymont 1t, K Horwood 1t, T Vinson 1t, A Tuala 1t, C Mason 2c) def Brothers 17 (T Ma’ulu’ulu 1t, J Martinez 2t 1c).

Premiers - Teachers West:                                                                                                       Player of the Final - Kris Nielsen:


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